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1. Please choose the Bear Stick you would like to buy. To purchase 3 or more Bear Sticks, please email to order and receive custom shipping rates.

Brown Bear StickStandard Black/Brown/Natural $50
Black Ash $50
Birch $50



Poplar (Aspen) $55
Classic Diamond Willow $65



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2. Keep your Bear Sticks in great condition with the Bear Stick Carrying Case!Carrying Case (will hold 2 Bear Sticks)  

2. Please choose the appropriate shipping option based on your order quantity:     Free delivery in the Thunder Bay area  🙂

Shipping Fee For 1 Bear Stick $50
Shipping Fee for 2 Bear Sticks $55

NOTE: Don’t use a hiking stick? I provide a BACKPACK BEAR STICK that is 34″long  and can be easily attached to your backpack. Great for carrying in a canoe or when riding your bike. Put a request on your order and I will deliver it.  🙂 Also, note the *NEW* SUITCASE BEAR STICK.

Backpack Bear Stick

Backpack Model $45


Need to travel with your BEAR STICK?  I will custom make a Bear Stick that fits into your suitcase. It unscrews (using a 3″ hanger bolt) into two 25″ sections that will fit into a medium size suitcase. I charge an additional $15 (Can) for this service. Simply add a note to your BUY NOW order and I’ll send you a a separate invoice for the $15.   🙂


Obviously we can not guarantee The Bear Stick will protect you against Bears, Cougars and other aggressive animals. But, it is a far cry better than a traditional hiking stick where prodding, clubbing and beating is the only defence between you and an aggressive animal. (Or, attempting to fight a bear hand-to-hand!)