Hike with confidence. Hike with The Bear Stick.

The Bear StickThe Bear Stick is a 50″ – 52″ hiking stick which very quickly becomes a defensive weapon in the case of an attack by a bear, cougar, dog, etc. Embedded in the shaft is a 6″+ ardox spike that can be used to defend against an animal attack. NOTE:  I now provide a Backpack Bear Stick for easy attachment to a backpack. This Bear Stick is 34 ” long – excellent for carrying in a canoe as well. See the BUY THE BEAR STICK page for pictures.  Also, see the *NEW* SUITCASE BEAR STICK.

Many individuals are apprehensive about hiking (especially in ‘bear country’) for fear of being confronted by these large, sometimes aggressive animals. What do you do in this situation? Bear spray (pepper spray) may help but what do you do if this doesn’t work? One answer is to defend yourself by using
The Bear Stick. It may be all that stands
between you and an aggressive animal.

Holding The Bear Sticks The Bear Sticks - Brown and Natural Wood

The Bear Stick - Diamond Willow The Bear Stick - Black

The Bear Stick - Diamond Willow The Bear Stick Cap Variations

Bear stick colours