Northern Wilds: Loaded for Bear with the Bear Stick

    Check out our article in the Northern Wilds July 2014 magazine issue:

    THUNDER BAY—You’re out for a hike in the woods. Suddenly, you happen upon a bear. Unlike 99.9 percent of black bears, this one doesn’t run away. What should you do?

    Jim Morris of Thunder Bay believes a situation such as this is the perfect time to employ a Bear Stick. So what, you may ask, is a Bear Stick?

    “I like to say it’s the hiking stick with attitude,” says Morris, who invented and now markets the Bear Stick.
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    Hiking 101

    Hello Fellow Hikers:

    This is my first attempt at “blogging”, so please “bear” with me – pardon the pun. If you’ve already checked out my website you know that I’m the inventor of The Bear Stick – The Hiking Stick with Attitude. As a quick start to my inaugrual blog I’m going to take something from the website on my Inventor Bio page (


    • Park your car in the designated parking area or well off the road and away from private driveways.
    • Stay on the trail. Taking shortcuts on switchbacks will cause erosion.
    • Keep off private property. Landowners often give permission for a trail to pass across their property. Don’t ruin the status quo.
    • If you hike with a dog make sure it stays under your control and cleanup after it.
    • If you smoke make certain that your cigarette is completely extinguished and carry the butts out with you.
    • When nature calls, go off the trail by at least 50 yards. Avoid streams and lakes and bury your tp.
    • Pack out all your garbage.
    • Don’t feed any wildlife.
    • Don’t throw rocks over the side of mountains.

    One final little suggestion:  I’m not sure if this a sign of paranoia. but I’ve always had a fear of losing my keys or locking them in my vehicle. This is especially true when out in the wilderness hiking. My answer (and this is strictly personal): I always carry a spare passage key in my wallet (one that only opens the vehicle doors and trunk) and I hide my car keys nearby. If you lock your keys in your vehicle or lose them on the trail you’re in big trouble! Be sure to tell your hiking companions where you’ve hidden the keys.

    Anyway, thanks for your interest in my website and reading my first blog.


    Dr Jim Morris with The Bear Stick

    CBC News: Inventor’s hiking stick can fend off bears

    The Bear Stick has been featured in the CBC News! Here’s a snippet:

    A Thunder Bay man has combined his interest in martial arts and hiking to create what he thinks is an effective bear deterrent. 

    Jim Morris is marketing what he calls The Bear Stick, which was developed from an idea he had while hiking. He said it’s similar to a Jo, a weapon used in the martial art Aikido.

    “About 12 years ago my wife and I started hiking and we both used a Jo as a walking stick,” he said.

    “It helped with balance up and down hills and in the back of my mind I thought ‘well if I’ve got the Jo, [if] a bear attacks, I can fend him off.’ Then I started thinking ‘well the Jo is a wooden staff, and that is not gonna do much good.”

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